Mercury in 10th House - Success in Business

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November 24, 2022 India, Uttar Pradesh, Noida India, Utter Pradesh , Noida, Sector 66 3


The tenth house of horoscope is related to work, job and livelihood. If Mercury in tenth house, you can be a good writer, teacher, mathematician. You can run your livelihood through public speaking. You can also earn good profit through publication, media, news agency etc. With the presence of Mercury in this house, you can earn good money by doing more than one thing. The tenth house is the place of action. Therefore, due to the influence of Mercury situated in the tenth house, the native gets good success in the field of work. Due to the presence of the government in the tenth house, it also makes good progress in the field of job. Such a person gets fame and respect in his life. Mercury is the factor of business, so you can do your own business.


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