It is reported that Madden NFL 23's investigators

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. Wilson informed reporters on Wednesday that he does not just look at Manning however, he admitted that this wasn't the first time Manning has influenced him Mut 23 coins.

In the past, former Eagles and Vikings forward Cris Carter confessed to an ESPN Radio interview on Tuesday that he placed bounties upon players during Madden NFL 23. Carter admitted to placing bounties for certain players to ensure security.

"Protect me. . . . Please shield me from him. . . . Particularly, when he's in a different position, and I'm unable defend myself," Carter said. "I'd be able to inform one of the guards that 'Hey, this person is after me in the flesh, man. Bill Romanowski.' He said he's going to take me out before the game, in warmups. There's no problem. "I'm going to end the career of yours, Carter.' That's fine. I placed a small change onto his forehead prior to the game. Secure myself, secure my family. This is the type of league I grew up in."

Carter's comments provide the explanation many people, including players who took part in Madden NFL 23. think that the commissioner was too harsh in his punishment of the players. Carter's words suggest that bounties have been offered across the league for quite a while. There's even an entire Wikipedia webpage dedicated to the 1989 "Bounty Bowl" -- and the Saints aren't that distinct.

It is reported that Madden NFL 23's investigators claim to have discovered Saints players who were attempting to harm players"cart offs "cart-offs" as well as "knockouts." The only difference is when it's present and that's because Carter declares that his bounties were focused on "protection or a big blast excitement or helping your team achieve victory. It wasn't meant to harm or harm the man buy madden nfl 23 coins."


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