Diablo 4 properly wouldn't be likely to be available

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January 5, 2023 United States, Delaware 7


Each day that passes it's more likely that we'll end up receiving a major Diablo 4 announcement. Furthermore, since The Game Awards is now just one or two weeks away, the announcement could actually happen at the event Diablo IV Gold. There hasn't been any official confirmation from Blizzard however, several sources seem to be very certain about this.

According to Insider Gaming, "this is continuing to be the case, and over 100 journalists will have an opportunity to watch an in-depth presentation as well being able to play the game. It is believed that the embargo for the event and the hands-on experience will lift on December 7.

"During the show, Rod Fergusson invited all of the presenters to catch The Game Awards as they'll be [making] some announcements."

Blizzard is confirming that Diablo 4 is still getting Set Items, though you'll likely have to wait until after launch for the ability to use them within the game.

Game Director Joe Shely explains during a recent roundtable that reimagining sets in a manner that works with Diablo 4 properly wouldn't be likely to be available for launch until next year, although the team is thinking of making them part of it's live services.

"As we've been working on the game, we thought like we could evolve sets in a novel method that was different from what we've observed during Diablo 3. However, we'd need additional time before we could get sets in the game in a way that would integrate well with the rest of Diablo 4, so you won't see sets at launch in the game buy Diablo 4 Gold," Shely explains. "We consider sets to be cool, and we want to be sure that they're done right - therefore we're looking at for our live service."

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